The things that overwhelms your home can sometimes overwhelm you as well. So, what you do is you try to clean it up, make the living area livable and pile everything up on that one basement familiar to everyone who does the same. However, this habit can sometimes harm our home, by stocking up on things we don’t really use anymore, we are actually welcoming pests, dust and even molds. So, what can you do to make things right?  


The first vital step is to brain storm your way out. Think through where you want to start. Is it just the basement? Or the kitchen? Or maybe that closet too full to possibly close. I know you want a step by step process, everyone does. Let me take the hassle of making those steps on your own. 

  1. Empty out your sentiments: Do you have an old sofa you can’t ever get rid of because you got it when you first moved in? Or do you have that piece of furniture that gives you bruises from time to time but can’t throw away because you might hurt your friends’ feelings? I’m not telling you to throw away your gratitude and memories, I’m simply providing you a better way to live in your space and maybe your friend thinks that too. 
  2. Clean your Space: If you don’t have a space you can confidently breathe fresh air in then maybe you need to do some dusting. Cleaning up your space not only gives you a better environment but also gives you better perspective. Throw away what you don’t need or use anymore, wipe your shelves, clean out your pantry of expired goods, sweep those spider webs on your ceiling, vacuum everything and make your home spotless. And if you are too tired after cleaning, take a shower and sit on the couch and breathe in good clean air. 
  3. Thrift or Sort your Belongings: It can be a thing especially with girls to have too much clothes, even with the clothes we have outgrown. Storing them won’t do you any good. It takes up your space and it leaves you no room to better improve that wardrobe problem. We get too sentimental too, keeping knick knacks and toys from childhood, keep these stashes away, sometimes you need to clean up your memory closet too. If ever you think twice on throwing things away, you can always donate your stuff and have it somewhere needed.  
  4. Remove: After all the sorting and sentimental drama, cleaning, donating, thrifting, you have a lot of trash that’s left. I know a cleanup when almost through can get on the nerves. This is the time you get most tired however, a cleanup is not a success without disposal. You need to get it together to get the job done and sparkly. 

So, if ever you want help in your house cleanout, give yourself a hand by calling the pros in the field. Check on Gandys Mechanical Maintenance Services and have the help you need in accomplishing that house cleanout you’ve been wanting to do but too tired to.